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  • MOH support for KMA ASC 2018
    MOH support for KMA ASC 2018
  • KMA@50

    KMA Members group photo during the 46th Annual Scientific Conference

  • National Governing Council meeting
    National Governing Council meeting

    KMA National Executive Council members host the National Governing Council meeting, held on the 23rd of September at the Methodist Guest House.

  • National Governing Council meeting
    National Governing Council meeting

    The Reproductive Health Committee convenor; Prof. Boaz Nyunya, hands the RHC documentation report over to KMA National Chair; Dr. Jacqueline Kitulu.

  • National Governing Council meeting
    National Governing Council meeting

    KMA members and committee convenors in attendance during the National Governing Council meeting.

KMA News

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KMA Elections...

KMA Elections...

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Kenya Medical Association (KMA) is a voluntary membership organization open to all medical and dental practitioners registered in the Republic of Kenya.

It was founded in 1968 and currently has close to 3000 members. The Association has the following mandate:
•    To promote the practice of medicine in Kenya.
•    To uphold high standards of medical ethics and conduct.
•    To advice the Government, other medical bodies and the general public on matters related to health.
•    To promote the welfare of doctors.
•    To maintain the honor and interest of the medical profession.
•    To support continuing professional development (CPD) through periodic publications, seminars and scientific conferences.
•    To liaise with medical associations around the world.

KMA works closely with the Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board (MPDB).  It has joined its sister organizations within the East Africa region to form a cooperation in the health sector together with the medical regulatory bodies and the Ministries of Health. Under this initiative the three East African Associations formed the Federation of East African Medical and Dental Associations (FEMDA) in which KMA is an active member.

Mission Vision & Core Values


To be the leader in engaging medical practitioners and the voice for provision of highest standards of healthcare in Kenya and beyond.


To champion the welfare of doctors and quality healthcare for all through continuous professional development and advocacy.



1.    Good governance
2.    Professionalism
3.    Integrity
4.    Collaboration
5.    Innovation
6.    Excellence




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