The Kenya Medical Association (KMA) was founded in 1968 and incorporated in 1973 under the Company’s Act Cap 486 as a company limited by guarantee. Its mandate was originally concentrated on the welfare of doctors as well as safeguarding of professionalism and quality of healthcare. Over the years though, the Association has grown in stature and scope into a high profile player and partner in many sectors of national development, at policy level as well as in operation of services directly and indirectly related to health.

The Kenya Medical Association is a national association of doctors and dentists and is mandated by its members to promote the quality practice of medicine in Kenya. KMA holds a strategic position in health sector policy by being in membership of national decision-making boards for the practice of medicine and the protection of patients in Kenya. KMA is using its national professional reach as the only sector player where professionals can bring their input for personnel matters.

The objectives of KMA are:

  • To promote the practice of medicine in Kenya
  • To uphold high standards of medical ethics and conduct
  • To advise the Government, other medical bodies and the general public on matters related to health
  • To promote the welfare of doctors
  • To maintain the honour and interests of the medical profession
  • To support Continuing Professional Development (CPD) through periodic publications, seminars and scientific conferences
  • To liaise with other medical associations around the world
Vision Statement: ƒ
To be the gold standard, on quality health care in Kenya.
To ensure that KMA meets its mandate to the satisfaction of its members and the general public, the Association has strategic plan to clearly define its purpose and to implement a structured system for carrying out and evaluating the success of its activities. The plan is summarised as follows:
  • Strengthening and establishing internal systems and structures, including financial and human resources management; governance; monitoring & evaluation; and information communication & technology (ICT)
  • Strengthening its financial base through prudent financial management including by saving and investment of available funds towards self sustainability
  • Enhancing the KMA corporate image and public relations (PR) through marketing to enable it influence action on its members’ concerns and national health
  • Increasing Membership through products innovation including new activities of direct interest to members and public education
  • Improving quality of health care services to the public
The association partners with major professional organizations within and without the country to champion quality and accessible healthcare. Some of the partnerships, past and present include:
  • Partnership with Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board (MP&DB) for the promotion of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and accreditation of doctors
  • Partnership with International and National Pharmaceutical Companies, and Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya (PSK) to ensure safe manufacture and distribution of drugs
  • Collaboration with Kenya’s Ministry of Health for provision of curative, rehabilitative, preventive and promotive health care as well as prevention of disease
  • Collaboration with Civil Society Organizations (CSO’s) and Human Rights groups for advocacy for human and health rights
  • Partnership with Universities, Medical schools and other institutions of higher learning for education and training of medical doctors and other health professionals as well as research in various health issues.
  • KMA has strong linkages and presence in Kenya’s communities and members of the association hold regular free medical camps as well as outreach medical services in both rural and urban communities.
Key highlights and achievements
Establishment of:
This is a savings and credit co-operative society initiated by KMA. It has been instrumental in helping members and other doctors save and borrow at very affordable rates. Founded in 1998, the SACCO has grown in leaps and bounds
KMA Housing Cooperative
A body established by KMA to enable members save for the purposes of acquiring shelter in urban areas at affordable rates, often below the prevailing market rates.
It boasts of four completed housing estates and an ongoing fifth one .
East African Medical Journal (EAMJ) publishing limited
A company established with the express intention of leading in research, training and scientific publishing. It boasts of a flagship journal, the East African Medical Journal which has been in existence since 1923.
The KMA Centre
This is a multibillion real estate complex comprising of an office block and 78 apartments.The apartments are currently on sale at very competitive prices. For more information write to:
Other significant achievements include:
  • Holding scientific conferences without fail for the last 43 years. At these conferences presentations are made that have significant impact on policy directions especially in the Health sector in Kenya
  • Holding regular professional development forums for its members
  • Playing a leading role in developing the first ever patients’ rights charter in Kenya
KMA continues to look for partnerships at local, regional and international levels.

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