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  • MOH support for KMA ASC 2018
    MOH support for KMA ASC 2018
  • KMA@50

    KMA Members group photo during the 46th Annual Scientific Conference

  • National Governing Council meeting
    National Governing Council meeting

    KMA National Executive Council members host the National Governing Council meeting, held on the 23rd of September at the Methodist Guest House.

  • National Governing Council meeting
    National Governing Council meeting

    The Reproductive Health Committee convenor; Prof. Boaz Nyunya, hands the RHC documentation report over to KMA National Chair; Dr. Jacqueline Kitulu.

  • National Governing Council meeting
    National Governing Council meeting

    KMA members and committee convenors in attendance during the National Governing Council meeting.

1.2 KMA’s Current Governance, Leadership and Management Structure


1.2.1 National Governing Council (NGC)
The NGC is the decision making body which administers all the affairs of KMA in accordance with Association’s Memorandum of Associations and Articles. Currently it meets quarterly and comprises of the following members and representatives:National Executive Committee; Divisional Executive Committees; Chairpersons/Conveners of Standing Committees; the Kenya Director of Medical Services or his/her representative; the Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board (MPDB) Chair or his/her representative.

1.2.2 National Executive Committee (NEC)
The KMA National Executive Committee (NEC) is the administrative arm of KMA that is overall responsible for the day to day running of the Association. It consists of five members: the Honorary National Chairman, the Honorary National Vice Chairman, Honorary National Secretary, and the Honorary National Treasurer who are elected bi-annually by the Association’s registered members.

1.2.3 Committees
The following are the thematic Standing Committees that run most of the activities of KMA and who are charged with specific responsibilities: Medical Camp Committee, Awards Committee, Medicus Committee, CPD/CME, Housing Cooperative, HIV/AIDS Committee, Reproductive Health, KMA SACCO, ICT Committee, and Plot Development - ground breaking ceremony Committee.

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