Kenya Health Professionals Equity Foundation Group and Kenya COVID-19 Fund Partnership Launch

Kenya Health Professionals Equity Foundation Group and Kenya COVID-19 Fund Partnership Launch

On June 19th 2020, Kenya Medical Association on behalf of the Health Professional Associations received 85 million from Equity Bank Kenya and Kenya COVID-19 Fund Partnership towards COVID-19 health care workers training and psychosocial support. The Launch took place at the National Nurses Associations of Kenya grounds at Kenyatta National Hospital.

Kenya Medical Association will implement the program together with National Nurses Association of Kenya, KMPDU, KPA- Kenya, Clinicians Association of Kenya, PSK and other healthcare professional associations.

The initiative was been co-financed by Kenya COVID-19 Fund & Equity Group at a cost of Kshs 85M & will see 50,000 health workers countrywide reached with case management training & psychosocial support, through a coalition of professional medical associations.

Frontline public healthcare staff dealing with COVID-19 patients will receive training on case management, and on the application and use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE’s). The frontline public healthcare workers will also receive psychosocial support to help them cope with the daily challenges occasioned by their service in the fight against COVID-19 in the country.

Speaking at the venue, Dr. Jacqueline Kitulu Kenya Medical Association President stated that the doctors handle the problems of many individuals, but also require psychosocial support because they  go through stressful challenges within the environment.

Mr. Alfred Obengo, Chairman of the National Nurses Association applauded all the partners who  came to their assistance at this critical time appreciating the Kenya COVID-19 Fund & Equity Group adding that In the course of delivering much-needed services, healthcare workers are exposed to both physical and emotional challenges posing a threat to their welfare & thus the health care system.

Dr. Mwachibonza  Mwachonda Chairman KMPDU, who spoke at the event  said every cloud has a silver lining and he applauded the effort by Equity Group, COVID-19 Fund, and all medical professionals associations adding that as a leader in the healthcare sector, they shall all play their part to ensure transparency and accountability of all the resources availed through the partnership.

The collaboration between Equity Group and all the medical associations has been very fruitful and has brought us to this partnership being launched today - Prof. Isaac Macharia Chairman Equity Bank Kenya. It's a partnership to answer the cry by our medical practitioners - The need for PPE and support to adequately mitigate COVID-19.

Present Dr. Evans Kamuri, KNH CEO added that KNH have been humbled by the partnership. They  are happy Equity has stepped in to support  medical students and medics, even as we serve Kenyans and look forward to working with Equity again in the future. 


To support the health system & frontline healthcare workers in mitigating COVID-19, the coalition will follow the Ministry of Health Kenya guidelines developed together with the COVID-19 Case Management Training Program to ensure this training is cascaded to all counties said Dr. James Mwangi, MD & CEO Equity Group, and Executive Chairman of Equity Group Foundation who also chairs the Health Committee of the Kenya COVID-19 Fund Board.

He added Health is not just a physical embodiment but one you carry in your mind all the time. This was not only a great idea, but a blessed idea that has tremendously evolved in the last 2 months a partnership where all the stakeholders and associations were fully aligned, driven by one purpose.

Professor Stephen Kiama, Vice-Chancellor University of Nairobi who was also present applauded Equity Group and all stakeholders for supporting the healthcare practitioners in the fight against Covid-19 adding, “If we all walk together, we shall give Kenyans hope and faith”.

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