The East African Medical Journal (EAMJ) is a Scientific Journal that publishes original scientific articles, reviews, clinical case reports and Manuscripts dealing with any factor impacting on the health sector.  The 1st Issue of the Journal was published in 1923 in an aim to accommodate the medical fraternity and has been in existence since then. EAMJ is quoted in many authoritative databases including Index Medics (med-line), SCISEARCH, EMBASE. The journal promotes openness through mandated data sharing and use of reporting guidelines and adheres to the highest standards for research and publication ethics. Editorial teams with up-to-date experts in science editing and publishing, and those actively advocating the interests of their journals, are the drivers of success in journal editing and indexing.

EAMJ like Most journals operate under the guidance of an editorial board, providing expert advice on content, attracting new authors and encouraging submissions. The editorial board, or (editorial) advisory board, is a team of experts in the journal's field. Academic Editor is responsible for conducting the peer-review process and for making a decision to accept, invite revision of, or reject the papers they handle. EAMJ Editorial board members are selected by the National Executive Committee members(NEC) and they are usually advised to apply and undergo the due process of selection according to required qualifications.

This means that EAMJ strictly adheres to the criteria specified by our online publisher, Africa Journals Online (AJOL). Therefore, at each stage of the editorial process, all editors should follow the ethical requirements as follows:
  • Be accountable and responsible for the content they publish
  • Protect the confidentiality of authors’ material and remind reviewers to do so as well.
  • Ensure the selected reviewers are appropriate for the submissionsProtect reviewers’ identities unless they wish to disclose their names;
  • Organize a fair peer review and make unbiased decisions independently.
  • Adopt reasonable editorial policies that encourage maximum transparency and complete, honest reporting.
  • Pursue potential authors’ research and publication misconduct as well as reviewers’ and editorial misconduct; take appropriate measures once misconduct is suspected or proved.
  • Avoid potential conflicts of interest.
  • Maintain clear communication with authors and reviewers, and keep them informed of the status of each submission in a timely, honest and unambiguous manner.

The East African Medical Journal is intended for publication of papers on original work and reviews of all aspects of medicine. Communications bearing on clinical and basic research on problems relevant to East Africa and other African countries will receive special attention. Therefore, EAMJ aims to improve the practice of all aspects of medicine and health care in general.

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