Welcome to KMA Young Doctors Network.


Young Doctors Network is a committee under the Kenya Medical Association, launched at the KMA@50 AGM in April 2018. The committee was formed to increase participation of the younger professionals in the association and mentor & un-tap the potential of these professionals.

Mission and Goals of KMA – YDN

YDN Mission isTo connect, develop and support Young Doctors by providing opportunities to explore and develop personal and professional growth.”

 The goals of YDN are:

  • Promote the health and wellbeing of young doctors, including mental health.
  • Provide a forum for young doctors to share experiences, challenges and solutions in the medical profession.
  • Provide young doctors with a platform to engage in advocacy and policy making including participating in boards.
  • Ensure young doctors have fair and adequate representation in Kenya Medical Association.
  • Promote the Continuous Medical Education and career progression among young doctors.
  • Provide an avenue for young doctors to collaborate with other-like minded organizations.

Membership eligibility

  • Any doctor registered in Kenya and is under the age of 40 years.
  • Any doctor registered in Kenya and is within 5 years of completing undergraduate studies.
  • Any registered KMA Member under the age of 40 years or is within 5 years of completing undergraduate studies can register as a member of the KMA Young Doctors Network.


Proposed activities

  • Forums for advocacy and policy making on matters pertaining training, safe working spaces etc
  • Sustainable Mentorship programs.
  • Fun day and excursions.
  • Education and training: use technology to have more doctors access training though webinars e.g. CMEs, National guidelines, Short Courses. (In collaboration with the IT Committee and other relevant bodies)
  • Interns based activities and support framework.
  • Investment forums: How can young professional maximize their skills and achieve financial freedom?
  • Promote research among doctors. Including surveys to assess the wellbeing of young doctors: professionally and socially.
  • Exchange programs with other young doctors globally.
  • Side Events for YDN at the KMA Annual Scientific Conference, with themes tailored to achieve the goals/mission of YDN.
  • Participation in global professional bodies and meetings such as World Medical Association, Junior Doctors Network, World Health Assembly.

Working groups

  • Mental Health for Doctors.

The team leader: Dr. Mellany Murgor.

The working group will work to address the numerous challenges facing doctors, evidenced by a rise in suicide rates among doctors and medical students. Other factors affecting physician wellbeing such as burn out, alcohol and substance abuse, violence and harassment at the work place.

  • Mentorship for Young Doctors and Medical Students.

The team leaders: Dr. Abdi Mohamed and Karanja Gitau

There is a need to engage and orient future doctors in to the profession. Dr. Abdi Mohammed highlighted the need for medical students and young doctors to be guided and provided with relevant information as they transition from school life to the new employment and job market. The SWG aims to ensure young doctors adapt better in the profession.

  • Medical Research and Innovation.

The team leader: Dr. Ryan Nyotu.

The role of research especially in low income nation such as Kenya doesn’t need to be stressed enough. The future in medicine and finding solutions in healthcare requires research and innovation. For our policies, guidelines and any intervention to work, the need to be evidence based. The research and innovation SWG aims to provide young doctors with a platform to venture into the world of research.

  • Social- Medical Affairs.

The Team leader:  Dr. Meggie Mwoka.

The social medical affairs SWG aims to address various social and environmental determinants to health. Social issues affecting medical practice include: poverty, unemployment even among doctors, pollution, water and sanitation etc. The SWG will work on improving some of these social, cultural and environmental inequalities we battle with.

YDN members who wish to participate in any of the SWG are urged to contact the various team leaders. Feel free to join any working group and bring your expertise and ideas on board



EMAIL: ydn@kma.co.ke

Dr. Lyndah Kemunto – Convener


Dr. Mellany Murgor – Mental Health for Doctors SWG

Dr. Abdi Mohamed – Mentorship SWG

Dr. Ryan Nyotu – Medical Research and Innovation SWG

Dr. Liz Gitau – Past Convener

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