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Theme: Transforming Healthcare through ICT and Innovation towards Universal Health Coverage


Telemedicine for Patient Care and Monitoring

  • Impact of Remote Patient Monitoring devices in chronic disease management
  • Adoption of IOT devices (Internet Of Things) in healthcare management
  • Incorporation of wearable health devices and their effectiveness in healthcare improvement
  • Point of care technologies in health care improvement and delivery
  • Mhealth and mobile applications improving healthcare management

 Implementation of Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining in Healthcare

  • Need for data visualization in clinical and consumer health
  • Image processing and healthcare management
  • Improving patient outcomes with big data and analytics
  • Application of data mining and machine learning towards improving healthcare
  • Effectiveness of Decision Support Systems for healthcare management
  • Data warehousing across consumer levels: patient, county and national level
  • Enabling knowledge management using IT systems In healthcare

Health Informatics

  • Proliferation of e-ehealth and Health Information Systems
  • Implementation of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in health informatics
  • Advancements in medical, clinical and public health informatics
  • Solutions to emergency/disaster informatics
  • Health Informatics for education and research in health management

Innovation, Education and Research in Healthcare Technology

  • Technological innovations for service delivery in the health sector
  • Enhancing digital health interoperability in informatics to improve service delivery
  • Implementation of health information technology and consumer level awareness and training

Ethical and Policy considerations in use of information technology in healthcare

  • Privacy, confidentiality and data security of health information
  • Policies for legislation, governance and certification in the health sector
  • Adoption and implementation of data standards in healthcare

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 Conference Objectives

1. To demonstrate the contributions of Information, Communication Technology and Innovation for health sector towards achieving Universal Health Coverage
2. Identify key challenges in e-health implementation and good practices
3. To outline possible scenarios for deployment of e- Health components
4. To present the opportunities of e-health and research

 Theme: Transforming Healthcare through ICT and Innovation towards Universal Health Coverage


Obtaining universal health coverage (UHC) has been widely embraced in Asia and the Pacific. UHC is essential to inclusive growth, health security, and sustainable economic development. To achieve UHC, more resources must be mobilized for the health sector, and they must be used more efficiently and effectively. Use of ICTs will lead to greater efficiencies in use of resources and greater efficiency in service delivery, a significant matter when the 2010 WHO World Health Report revealed that 20 to 40 per cent of all health spending was wasted due to inefficiencies. Investment in ICT has the potential to reform health systems extend services to underserved areas, and reduce waste and redundancy.

ICT is key enablers of achieving UHC. They not only are a tool for better patient management, they also serve to transform the health systems parameters in increasing efficiency and accountability. ICT has the potential of reducing health costs to families, improve equitable access to quality services, efficiently link health systems with social protection programs and increase accountability and sustainability in health service delivery.




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