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Theme: Transforming Healthcare through ICT and Innovation towards Universal Health Coverage


  1. Telemedicine for Patient Care and Monitoring

  • Impact of Remote Patient Monitoring devices in chronic disease management
  • Adoption of IOT devices (Internet Of Things) in healthcare management
  • Incorporation of wearable health devices and their effectiveness in healthcare improvement
  • Point of care technologies in health care improvement and delivery
  • Mhealth and mobile applications improving healthcare management

     2. Implementation of Artificial intelligence and Data Mining in healthcare

  • Need for data visualization in clinical and consumer health
  • Image processing and healthcare management
  • Improving patient outcomes with big data and analytics
  • Application of data mining and machine learning towards improving healthcare
  • Effectiveness of Decision Support Systems for healthcare management
  • Data warehousing across consumer levels: patient, county and national level
  • Enabling knowledge management using IT systems In healthcare
  1. Health Informatics

  • Proliferation of e-health and Health Information Systems
  • Implementation of Geographic Information Systems(GIS) in health informatics
  • Advancements in medical, clinical and public health informatics
  • Solutions to emergency/disaster informatics
  • Health Informatics for education and research in healthcare management 
  1. Innovation, Education and Research in healthcare technology

  • Technological innovations for service delivery in the health sector
  • Enhancing digital health interoperability in informatics to improve service delivery
  • Implementation of health information technology and consumer level awareness and training
  1. Ethical and policy considerations in use of information technology in healthcare

  • Privacy, confidentiality and data security of health information
  • Policies for legislation, governance and certification in the health sector
  • Adoption and implementation of data standards in healthcare
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