The Kenya Medical Association (KMA) is the national umbrella professional association for Doctors in Kenya. KMA’s twin mandate is to champion for the welfare of doctors and advocate for delivery of quality healthcare in Kenya.

Kenya Medical Association raises concern over the safety of patients and healthcare providers during the upcoming scheduled ‘Maandamano’ protests. During previous protests, KMA noted that access to healthcare facilities for patients and healthcare providers was hindered resulting in increased morbidity and mortality. We confirm that our members attended to hundreds of injured Kenyans and witnessed tens of fatalities as a result of the protests and the threat of this continuing is worrying.

KMA therefore;

  • Calls upon the Government and it’s security agencies to ensure the safety of healthcare facilities, personnel and patients.
  • Encourages individuals seeking medical attention to prioritize their safety and seek care at healthcare facilities equipped to handle emergencies.
  • Urges healthcare providers to take necessary precautions and follow established protocols to protect themselves while continuing to provide essential medical services.
  • Highlights the ethical responsibilities of healthcare professionals to uphold patient care and support the community during times of crisis. We encourage healthcare providers to remain vigilant, maintain open communication with patients, and provide necessary medical assistance while adhering to professional ethics and code of conduct.
  • Appeals for calm and open dialogue to address the grievances leading to the protest while anticipating peaceful resolution of conflict and emphasizing the importance of maintaining a safe environment for the provision of healthcare services.


Genetically Modified Foods

Genetically Modified Foods

Friday 20th February

The Kenya Medical Association public health committee led by the CEO Dr. Brenda Obondo today engaged in a consultative meeting alongside the KMPDU, the Kenya University Biotechnology Consortium and University of Nairobi Agricultural Biotechnology Programme to discuss Genetically Modified Foods( GMO)and associated health concerns. This discussion is the beginning towards a policy brief to serve as an advisory on GMO

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Pneumococcal Vaccination Launch

Old Mutual Health Partners with Pfizer and Goodlife Pharmacy to vaccinate against Pneumonia

NAIROBI, KENYA: 21st November 2022

Old Mutual Kenya has partnered with Pfizer and Goodlife Pharmacy to offer Pneumococcal vaccination to its insured members.

The vaccination drive targets Old Mutual Health members over 65 years old and those living with chronic conditions. Vaccines are a key tool in reducing the burden of Pneumonia.

Speaking during the official launch of the partnership Old Mutual Health Ag. Managing Director Japheth Ogalloh said, “The global community observed the World Pneumonia Day on 12th November 2022. Pneumonia is a significant public health problem in Kenya and is among the leading causes of death. We are pleased to partner with Pfizer and Goodlife to offer this lifesaving vaccine to our clients. We are also very happy to have Kenya Medical Association here to add the doctor’s voice to this vaccination drive. One of our key learnings from the COVID-19 pandemic is that we should enable all our clients to have access to a wide range of preventive healthcare services.”


Pneumonia is an acute respiratory infection that is commonly caused by viruses or bacteria. It can cause mild to life-threatening illness in people of all ages. It is the single largest infectious cause of death in children worldwide. People at risk for pneumonia also include adults over the age of 65 and people living with chronic diseases.

In her remarks, Pfizer Kenya Country Manager and East Africa Cluster Lead, Anne Dembah stated, “Pfizer is honored to be part of this partnership that is at the forefront of fighting invasive pneumococcal disease. We believe in the power of vaccines as a preventative tool against many diseases and have remained committed to helping reduce the impact of pneumococcal disease by investing in research and development to deliver breakthroughs that change the lives of patients with pneumococcal disease.”

In 2011, Kenya was the 1st African country to introduce the Pneumococcal vaccine into its national childhood vaccination program. The vaccine is given in 3 – 4 doses within the first 18 months of the baby’s life. The Pneumococcal vaccine is now a standard offering in all insurance products, but only for children. For the first time, Old Mutual shall also cover Pneumococcal vaccine for at-risk adults.

In his remarks, Goodlife Pharmacy Africa Chief Executive Officer Amaan Khalfan, stated, “Goodlife Pharmacy Africa is excited about this partnership with Old Mutual as we deliver quality healthcare and wellness to all. With close to 120 pharmacy stores spread across Kenya and Uganda, we are committed to deliver affordable and accessible preventative care which underlines this vaccination exercise."

In her remarks, Kenya Medical Association Chief Executive Officer Dr Brenda Obondo, stated, “The Kenya Medical Association is focused on policy advocacy, development and implementation as a strategic priority. In reference to a statement issued by KMA on a framework for the creation of a National policy on Adolescent and Adult vaccination: We acknowledge that as people grow older, they are faced with waning immunity due to various risk factors. Many of the vaccine preventable diseases in adulthood cause significant morbidity and often mortality. As much as there may be no global approach to adult vaccination, there is need to safeguard those at risk from prevalent illnesses. KMA applauds Old Mutual and Pfizer for this initiative which is a step in the right direction and whose impact cannot be underestimated”.


In addition to the Pneumococcal vaccine, Old Mutual shall also offer Influenza vaccine which protects against Influenza virus, another common viral cause of Pneumonia.

Old Mutual is committed to continue providing additional coverage for preventive healthcare services to empower clients unlocking possibilities.




14th November 2022

This morning the Kenya Medical Association (KMA) paid a courtesy call to The Ministry of Health (MOH) and held fruitful discussions with The CS of Health Susan Wafula, The Ag. DG Health Dr Patrick Amoth, the head of Standards Dr Simon Kibias.
KMA was fully represented by its President Dr Simon Kigondu, Vice President Dr Amos Otara, Secretary General Dr Diana Marion, Assistant Secretary General Dr Elizabeth Gitau, Treasurer General Dr Lyndah Kemunto and KMA CEO Dr Brenda Obondo.
KMA congratulated the CS Health for her appointment and appreciated Her as a role model to the Kenyan girl.
The Kenya Medical Association was able to give a brief history of the association, elaborated on its role in the Kenyan healthcare system, highlighted achievements made over the years, explain the role played in collaboration with the past national and county governments, and articulated the challenges and key asks of the doctors.

MOH CS Visit
The CS highlighted that Kenya has good health policies and that the focus during her enure would be to implement these policies. She also expressed support for quality training through integrating emerging issues in health in the medical training curricula.
KMA and MOH agreed that it takes a collaborative effort to achieve quality healthcare and that the actualisation of Universal Health Coverage is a priority. It was also agreed that there is need for self-regulation within the medical profession and the role KMA plays in KMPDC was acknowledged.

Some of the immediate outcomes of the meeting were:
• KMA was incorporated into the Ebola taskforce and other MOH technical workings groups, and a partnership initiated towards efforts on pandemic preparedness.
• KMA and MOH to work together on addressing matters on human resources for health, climate change’s impact on health and digital development in health.
• MOH will participate in the upcoming KMA Annual Scientific Conference in 17th – 21st May 2023, whose theme focuses on UHC and Climate change
• MOH committed to support KMA in its global engagements such as facilitating participation in World Medical Association activities and World Health Assembly.
• MOH committed to participate in and support KMA as it hosts the WMA Council Session at Ole Sereni Emara, Nairobi on April 20th – 23rd 2023
• MOH committed to support the installation of Dr. Anne Kihara as FIGO president 2023-2025.
• A direct communication line was established direct between KMA and MOH to ensure continuous collaboration.

MOH CS Visit 2



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