The following are resolutions that were reached during the inaugural meeting of the Human Rights committee meeting on the 22nd and 23rd September at the Methodist Guest and Conference Centre
A world where the medical profession safeguards, protects and upholds human rights.
To safeguard, protect and uphold human rights through education, training and empowerment in liaison with state and non-state institutions.
  1. To advocate policies and guidelines on proper management of victims of human rights violation.
  2. To promote strategic partnerships with relevant stakeholders.
  3. To promote human rights skills, knowledge and values.
  4. To safeguard human rights through ethical medical practice.
  5. To promote strategic partnerships with relevant stakeholders.
  1. Induction training – Forensic Medico-Legal documentation
  2. Publication – Newsletter HAKI newsletter
  3. Continuing Medical Education (CME)
  4. IMLU as a strategic partner.
Meetings to be held quarterly with subsequent production of reports and minutes to be handed over to the conveners.
  1. Co-chairs – Dr Mohamud & Dr Marjan
  2. Secretary/Liaison Officer- Dr Bichanga Osiemo
  3. Editor – Dr Priscilla Githinji
Special Presentation – Forced Anal Examinations
During the session, Dr Bichanga Osiemo made a presentation to the Doctors in attendance regarding Forced Anal Examinations a practice that has been reported among the minority LGBTIQ community.
He read out a petition that was jointly prepared with the NGLHRC (National Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission) regarding the need for doctors to come out and speak against forced examinations.
Part of the petition read ‘’ We strongly urge the Kenya Medical Association (KMA) to stand with us to denounce forced examinations as a violation of the Kenyan code of medical ethics, the constitution, and international law’’
(Kenya Medical Association -KMA has released a statement on this)
Joint Session between IMLU, the Human Rights Committee and The National Governing Council
There was joint session between IMLU, members of the Human Rights committee and members of the National Governing Council.
During this session the Executive director – IMLU Mr. Peter spoke about fostering ties between IMLU and KMA. The third pillar in the current strategic plan; Vision 2021 has a focus on building an anti-torture movement that is expansive enough and with capacity to drive the change process. There is therefore need to continue nurturing alliances with umbrella organizations culminating into mass movement with numerical and comparative strengths to influence legislation, support mitigation actions and equally lobby for favourable policies. In light of this therefore, fostering a strong partnership with KMA such as the proposed hosting of the Human Rights Committee goes a long way in supporting this effort. 
Dr Mohamud the co-convener of the committee and also co-chair spoke about the resolutions from the committee meeting earlier and gave a brief presentation on the recently launched Forensic Medico-Legal Manual.
Dr Marjan Co -Chair of the committee then read out the petition that the was received from NGLHRC to the members of the council
Date for the next meeting will be communicated in due time.
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